La Rochelle, France – An Ethiopian trio led by Chaltu Ture won the Marathon de La Rochelle women’s race.

Women’s Race

The women’s race was highlighted by the runs of three Ethiopians. Waynishet Abebe Hailu (2:42:57 in 2009) led Chaltu Ture (2:38:41 last season) and Marathon debutante Zerfe Boku.

The trio separated early from the rest of the field and remained together until the 24th kilometre, after having passed the half-way in 1:16:44. Hailu dropped back and eventually finished third in 2:38:39.

Chaltu emerged as the winner in the last couple of kilometre and smashed her personal best with 2:36:04, still far from the race record of Goitetom Haftu (2:28:24). Boku took the second place in 2:36:48.

Men’s Race

In the men’s category, John Komen of Kenya ran 2:07:13 to break the race record.  Feyisa Woldemikael of Ethiopia, a debutant at the Marathon finished fourth in 2:11:34. Feyisa has previously run the half-marathon in 62:27.

Daniel Limo of Kenya (2:08.39) and compatriot Nahashon Kimayo (2:10.44) finished second and third respectively.



1. John KOMEN (KEN) 2:07:13

2. Daniel LIMO (KEN) 2:08.39

3. Nahashon KIMAYO (KEN) 2:10:44

4. Feyisa WOLDEMIKAEL (ETH) 2:11:34



1. Chaltu Ture (ETH) 2:36:04

2. Zerfe BOKU (ETH) 2:36:51

3. Waynishet Abebe HAILU (ETH) 2:38:39

4. Adeline ROCHE (FRA) 2:45:15