Ethiopian Coffee clinches Ethiopia Super Cup

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Premier League champions Ethiopian Coffee clinched the 2010/11 Ethiopia Super by defeating arch rival and Cup winner St. George 2-1 on a aggregate score after the two teams played to a goalless draw in the 2nd leg match played here today.

Ethiopian Coffee beat St.George 2-1 in the first leg match played on Saturday, November 19.

This will mark the fourth encounter between the two sides in the Ethiopia Super Cup final since 2000 with Ethiopian Coffee winning three times (2000, 2008 & 2010) and the Saints once (2003).


Ethiopian Coffee vs St. George in the Ethiopia Super Cup Finals:

2000 Ethiopian Bunna*   1-1 2-1 St. George

2003 St. George         1-0 5-0 Ethiopian Bunna

2008 Ethiopian Bunna)   2-1 awd St. George

2010 Ethiopian Coffee 2-1 & 0-0 St. George

*Bunna means Coffee in Amharic, the Ethiopian language.


Ethiopia Super Cup Winners

1985 Brewery (Addis Abeba)

1986 Brewery (Addis Abeba)

1987 Brewery (Addis Abeba)

1988 Bunna Gebeya (Addis Abeba)

1989  no competition

1990 Brewery (Addis Abeba)

1991 no competition

1992 no competition

1993 Mebrat Hail (Addis Abeba)

1994 St. George (Addis Abeba)

1995 St. George (Addis Abeba)

1996 St. George (Addis Abeba)

1997 Ethiopian Bunna (Addis Abeba)

1998 Mebrat Hail (Addis Abeba)

1999 no competition (St. George won double)

2000 Ethiopian Bunna (Addis Abeba)    1-1 2-1 St. George (Addis Abeba)

2001 Mebrat Hail (Addis Abeba)       4-1 1-2 St. George (Addis Abeba)

2002 St. George (Addis Abeba)         2-1 1-0 Medhin (Addis Abeba)

2003 St. George (Addis Abeba)         1-0 5-0 Ethiopian Bunna (Addis Abeba)

2004 Bankoch (Addis Abeba)            2-1 agg Awassa Kenema (Awassa)

2005 St. George (Addis Abeba)         2-0 2-0 Awassa Kenema (Awassa)

2006 St. George (Addis Ababa)         0-0 6-0 Mekelakeya (Addis Abeba)

2007 no competition (?)

2008 Ethiopian Bunna (Addis Abeba)    2-1 awd St. George (Addis Abeba)

2009 St. George (Addis Ababa)         3-2     Dedebit FC (Addis Ababa)

2010 St. George (Addis Ababa)         1-2 & 0-0 Ethiopian Coffee (Addis Ababa)


Number of Titles

12 St. George (Addis Abeba; includes 3 as Addis Ababa Bira “Brewery”)

5 Ethiopian Coffee (Addis Abeba; includes 1 as Bunna Gebeya)

3 Mebrat Hail “EEPCO” (Addis Abeba)

1 Bankoch (Addis Abeba)



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