Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Abu Dhabi-based “The National” newspaper has named Tourism in Ethiopia for Sustainable Future Alternatives (TESFA), among its Top 10 Eco and community friendly tourism organizations.

A truly ethical holiday is one where you give something meaningful back to the area you visit. TESFA gives communities in the Ethiopian highlands the chance to earn much-needed cash by hosting walkers overnight in their villages.

Locally guided groups of four to six people have the opportunity to stay in specially built traditional stone and thatch cottages, and meals are prepared by villagers who’ve been trained to cook western food as well as traditional Ethiopian dishes. The scheme is almost entirely run by the villagers you visit so your nightly fee has immediate benefits: local people decide who gets paid what; how the money is spent; and how much is saved for the community.

Fees are approximately US$50 (Dh180) per person, per 24 hours but voluntary extra donations are also welcome. This includes all accommodation, meals and luggage transfer but excludes bottled drinks and transport.


TESFA works in partnership with local communities to enable them to generate sustainable improvements in their livelihood through the development of their own tourism related enterprises, while also contributing to the protection of their physical and cultural environments.

Contact TESFA at info@community-tourism-ethiopia.com or tesfacbt@ethionet.et . Tel : (251 11 122 5024).

For a complete list, visit the National Newspaper