ESPN staffer Fay Wells is blogging for W from Ethiopia, where she’s currently traveling and casing out the lay of the sports land.

My time in Ethiopia is coming to an end. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed traveling much of the city of Addis Ababa by minibus, often passing as habesha (Ethiopian), until my limited Amharic clued in the locals.

In a very short seven days, I finished my to-do list — negotiating my way through the Piazza, strolling through the Merkato and Leghar train station, and taking in the country’s amazing history chronicled in the National Museum. I even managed to get out of the city and see some of the beautiful Ethiopian countryside on a day-trip to Lake Wonchi (absolutely breathtaking), Woliso, and Ambo.

While I’ve marveled daily at many things I’ve encountered on this journey, as the saying goes, Addis Ababa saved the best for last. More