Beaverton, Oregon –, Ethiopia’s premier sports news magazine since 1999 is happy to announce that it plans to expand its coverage and create a new section on “Sports Tourism in Ethiopia”.

As you are aware, we have been covering Ethiopian football (soccer) and athletics for the past 11 years.   Many of you, our loyal visitors, stood by us and encouraged us throughout the years, helping us grow from a small website attracting less than 50 unique visitors a day to one averaging close to 1,000*.

As part of our efforts to continue providing quality information and improve our website, over the years we have depended on the advice of our readers, and the overwhelming responses that we’ve received have indicated that we should expand our coverage in areas of Sports Tourism.

The aim is to provide pertinent information to tourists and others visiting Ethiopia who want to combine their visits with cultural/historical, recreational and adventurous sports activities.

The new Sports Tourism section will have news and information on:

  • Leisure, Recreation and Adventure Sports
  • Cultural Heritage Tourism & Hospitality

Global Sports Tourism Market

“Sport tourism is the fastest growing sector in the global travel and tourism industry, accounting for an astonishing US$600 billion a year market, according to WSDE Sport Tourism Expo.

Ethiopia’s Potential

At present, most tourists come to Ethiopia to visit the country’s great historical and cultural sites.  In areas of sports, it is worth noting that Ethiopia has produced some of the world’s greatest athletes, however the link between cultural tourism and sport activities has not been promoted. Ethiopia is blessed with beautiful landscapes, which are suitable for a range of outdoor activities, including walking, fishing, bird watching, mountain and rock climbing, white-water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, trekking, caving and paragliding.

Sports Tours & Travel plans to work with domestic and international partners, i.e. the sports industry, travel agencies, schools, adventurers and others to provide Sports Tours & Travel packages.


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