Addis Ababa –Sidama Coffee and Dire Dawa City lead all Ethiopian Premier League (EPL) in players’ bonus payments with 1,000 Birr* and 800 Birr respectively for home and away wins, while defending champions St. George FC awards the lowest with 350 Birr, according to a report compiled by the Amharic sports website Libro.

The report noted that although all EPL teams have officially set bonus payments, players can from time to time get paid as much as double or triple their normal rates for wins against arch rival sides or for exceptional wins.

Dire Dawa has 4 wins so far while Sidama Coffee has only recorded one win so far.

The 2003 EPL Bonus payments listed by clubs:

Teams Home Win Home Draw Away Win Away Draw Specials
Sidama Coffee 1,000 N/A 1,000 N/A N/A
Dire Dawa 800 N/A 800 N/A N/A
Trans Ethiopia 500 N/A 700 N/A N/A
Adama City 500 N/A 600 N/A N/A
Dedebit FC 500 0 500 0 Players collect their bonuses the next day instead of at the end of the month like most teams
Defence Force 500 200 500 200 Players received 1,000 Birr each for their victory over CBE & 700 Birr for demolishing Fincha Sugar 8-1.
Ethio.Coffee 400 200 400 200 Players were promised 2,500 Birr for a victory over St. George but they drew 2-2.
Lideta Nyala 400 200 400 200 Players received 800 Birr for defeating Ethio.Coffee
EEPCO 400 N/A 400 N/A
Harar Beer 300 100 400 200
St. George 350 N/A 350 N/A

*$1 US= 16.60 Ethiopian Birr        1 euro=21.50 Ethiopian Birr