Addis Ababa – Defence Force has joined Ethiopian Coffee at the top of the Ethiopian Premier League after drawing 1-1 draw with EEPCO here at Abebe Bikila Stadium today.

Asrat Mergerssa put EEPCO ahead and Manaye Fantu scored Defence’s equalizer.

After Week 7, both Defence and Ethiopian Coffee have 14 points and +4 goals each but the latter has scored more total goals (14) than the former (12). As a result, Ethiopian Coffee is hailed as the leader of the EPL.

Meanwhile in Harar, Harar Brewery was held to a 2-2 tie by Fincha Sugar. But despite dropping two valuable points at home, Hara Brewery moved up two notches in the league standings, and now occupies the 10th place.

Week 8 will resume on Saturday when Ethiopian Coffee takes on Ethiopian Banks.