New Delhi, India – Ethiopian women athletes dominated the 6th edition of Airtel Delhi Half-Marathon race taking the top seven spots here today. Although the men’s side was not as successful, they clinched the second, third and fifth spots.

The women’s race was not just an all-Ethiopian affair but a very tight and exciting finish with Aselefech Mergia coming in first (1:08.35s), followed by Merima Mohammaed (1:08.36s) and Wude Yimer (1:08.36s), just one second behind. Although Merima and Wude recorded the same, they had to be separated after a photo finish examination.

In the men’s race, Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya, who recently clocked 2:04.55 at the Rotterdam Marathon, the second fastest time of the year,  took advantage of the last minute withdrawal by two-time champion Deriba Merga of Ethiopia, to emerge victorious in 59.38s to win the race and pocket the $25,000 prize money.

Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia (59.39s) and fellow compatriot Yacob Jarso (60.07s) finished second and third respectively.

Leading Results:

1. Geoffrey Mutai KEN 59:38,
2. Lelisa Desisa ETH 59:39,
3. Yacob Yarso ETH 60:07,
4. Silas Kipruto KEN 60:21,
5. Feyisa Lelisa ETH 60:33,
6. Titus Masai KEN 60:38,
7. Leonard Langat KEN 60:51,
8. Ayele Wolde Giorgis ETH 60:51,
9. Peter Kirui KEN 61:10,
10. Shumi Dechase ETH 61:38,
14. Chimsa Deressa ETH 62:22,
15. Dereje Mengesha ETH 62:25,
16. Marcos Geneti ETH 63:06,
1. Aselefech Mergia ETH 68:35,
2. Merima Mohammed ETH 68:36,
3. Wude  Yimer ETH  68:36,
4. Aberu Kebede ETH 68:39,
5. Atsede Baysa ETH 68:43,
6. Mestawet Tufa ETH 68:48,
7. Feyse Boru ETH 68:50,
8. Sharon Cherop KEN 68:51,
9. Lydia Cheromei KEN 68:55,
10. Doris Chengeywo KEN 70:40,
11. Belaynesh Jemama ETH 72:17,
12. Sosena Gezaw ETH 73:09,
13. Askale Tafa ETH 73:41,