Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The Great Ethiopian Run (GER), the largest road race in Africa, is more than just a running event as it helps create a positive image for Ethiopia and promotes sports tourism in the country.

Close to 35,000 runners, including diplomats, tourists and international athletes will take part here on Sunday when GER will celebrate 10th Anniversary.

International media conglomerates such as SuperSport, Sky News, CNN and BBC will broadcast the event worldwide, giving Ethiopia a much needed positive exposure.

When the event first took place here ten years ago, 10,000 athletes took part but there were no international athletes. It was more of a domestic event. As the event’s popularity and exposure grew, so did the number of international athletes competing. Last year, 200 such athletes came to Ethiopia to compete.

Organizers of GER are working hard to expand the popularity of the event, the first of which is a 30-minute documentary film will be produced at the end of Sunday’s race. The film will then be broadcasted worldwide in major international media to promote sports tourism in Ethiopia.